Seeing Music: the role of vision in music perception

Music-linguistic parallels

  • Schutz, M., Huron, D., Keeton, K., & Loewer, G.(2008). The Happy Xylophone: Acoustic affordances restrict an emotional palette. Empirical Musicology Review, 3 (3), 126 135. view online

  • Schutz, M. Huron, D., & Keeton, K (2008, July).  The Happy Xylophone: Parallels between the communication of Emotion in Speech and Music [Abstract].  Poster session presented at the Conference on Music, Language, and the Mind,  Boston, MA.

Tone envelope

  • Schutz, M., Stefanucci, J., Carberry, A. & Roth, A. (2007, November).  Name that (Percussive) Tune :Tone envelope affects learning [Abstract]. Poster session presented at the Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action Meeting.  Long Beach, CA.


Computer Aided Analysis of Music



Rhythm and Motion

  • Studies in progress (check back later)

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