Curriculum Vitae


Included below are selections from from my CV.  For a complete copy, please contact me.

Current Position

    Assistant Professor, McMaster University (2009 - present)

Previous Positions

    Director of Percussion Studies, Longwood University (2004 - 2009)

    Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University (2007 - 2009)



    University of Virginia (2009)

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology (Cognitive)
  • Dissertation: Crossmodal integration: The search for unity.

    University of Virginia (2007)

    Northwestern University (2004)

  • Master of Music in Percussion Performance and Music Technology
  • Thesis topic: Visual influence on auditory perception of marimba tones

    Pennsylvania State University (2002)

  • Bachelor of Musical Arts, Percussion Performance
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
  • Schreyer Scholar, graduating with honors in Computer Science and Music
  • Thesis topic: Computer Aided Analysis of Post-Tonal Music


Major Solo Performances

  • PASIC 2009 Focus Day - Groundloops for Percussion and Internet
  • Soloist/clinician, Project:Percussion – Richmond Percussion Festival (2008)
  • Guest Artist (soloist/conductor), Penn State University (2007)
  • Soloist, Concerto for Marimba (David Long), Longwood University Wind Symphony (2007)
  • Invited soloist, Alvin Lucier Festival (2006)
  • Guest Artist/Soloist, University of Virginia Percussion Ensemble (2006)
  • Longwood University Faculty Recitals (2005, 2006)
  • Digitalis – New Electronic Music in Charlottesville (2005)
  • Virginia/DC Day of Percussion (2005)
  • Soloist with Penn State Mallet Ensemble, MENC National Convention (2001)
  • Solo recital, Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association State Convention (2000)


Major Orchestra/Opera Performances



Select Chamber/Percussion Ensemble Performances

  • PASIC 2006 Focus Day – Time to Burn (by Judith Shatin, co-commissioned with I-Jen Fang)
  • MegaHz Electronic Festival, Richmond, VA  (2008)
  • Project:Percussion - Richmond Percussion Festival (2007)
  • Musser Marimba Orchestra Tribute with Gordon Stout, She-e Wu, and Bob Becker (2006)
  • Flute/Marimba Duo, Sally Irwin faculty recital (2005)
  • Elliot Carter 95th Birthday Celebration, conducted by Jan Williams (2004)
  • New Music Marathon: from A to Z! (2003)
  • New Music Northwestern – A Boulez Celebration (2002)
  • Lakeside Brass, Lake Forest, Illinois (2002)
  • Music Educators National Convention, Penn State University Mallet Ensemble (2001)
  • Pennsylvania Day of Percussion with Penn State University Percussion Ensemble (1999)



  • Northwestern University Percussion Ensemble (to be released soon by Resonator Records)
  • Charlottesville Symphony Orchestra 30th Anniversary Season Album (2004)



  • Kubovy, M. & Schutz, M. (2010). Causality and Objects in Vision and Audition. Review of Philosophy & Psychology.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2009). Causality and cross-modal integration. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 35, 1791-1810.
  • Armontrout, J. Schutz, M., & Kubovy, M. (2009).  Visual determinants of a cross-modal illusion.  Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 71,  1618-1627.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2009). Deconstructing a musical illusion.  Point-light representations capture salient properties of impact motions.  Canadian Acoustics, 37, 23-28. [invited submission].
  • Schutz, M. (2008). Seeing Music? What musicians need to know about vision. Empirical Musicology Review. 3 (3), 83 – 108. [Invited submission].
  • Schutz, M., Huron, D., Keeton, K., & Loewer, G. (2008). The Happy Xylophone: Acoustic affordances restrict an emotional palette. Empirical Musicology Review, 3 (3), 126 – 135.
  • Schutz, M. and Lipscomb, S. (2007) Vision Influences Perceived Note Length. Perception 36 (6), 888 – 897.
  • Schutz, M. (2002) Computer Aided Analysis of Post-Tonal Music, Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review, 9 (1), 9 – 40. *** Winner of the Edythe Portz Prize for best overall submission of 2002


Educational/non-technical publications (peer-reviewed)

  • Schutz, M. (2009). The Mind of the Listener: Acoustics, Perception and the Musical Experience. Percussive Notes, 47, 22-28.
  • Schutz, M., & Kubovy, M. (2007). Seeing Music: Do we hear silent gestures? Invited lay-language version of technical paper presented at the 153rd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Available online at
  • Schutz, M. (2005). CrossTalk: Technology in the College Percussion Curriculum, Percussive Notes, 43 (3).
  • Schutz, M. (2001). Princeton Marimba Festival, Percussive News (November, 2001).


Competitive Funding (since 2009)

  • 2010 NSERC Discovery Grant ($95,000)
  • 2009 Arts Research Board research grant, ($7,000)
  • 2009 Arts Research Board travel grant ($1,142)

Conference presentations (talks)

  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2009, October). Tone envelope: A cue for audio-visual unity [Abstract]. Acoustics Week in Canada. Niagra-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
  • Schutz, M., Stefanucci, J., & Baum, S (2009, August). Remembering impact sounds: Tone envelope, timbre, and associative memory [Abstract]. Paper presented at the Society for Music Perception and Cognition conference. Indianapolis, IN.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2008, July) The effect of tone envelope on sensory integration: support for the 'unity assumption’ [Abstract]. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Paris, 123, 3412.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2007, November) Privileged Binding in Sensory Integration [Abstract]. Paper presented at Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action Meeting. Long Beach, CA.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2007, June) Vision Influences Judgments of Acoustic Duration [Abstract]. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Salt Lake City, UT, 121, 3133.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2007, July) Seeing Music: Visual influence on music performance is dependent upon inter-modal relationship [Abstract]. In M. Schutz (Chair), Music: A Multi-Modal Experience. Symposium conducted at meeting of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition. Montreal, Québec.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2006, July) Seeing Music: The percussionists’ strategic use of gesture in live performance. Paper presented at the meeting of the Second International Conference on Music and Gesture, Manchester, UK.
  • Schutz, M., & Kubovy, M. (2005, May). Seeing music, hearing gestures [Abstract]. Journal of Vision, 5 (8)
  • Schutz, M., & Lipscomb, S. (2004, August). Perception of marimba stroke type: Investigation of the McGurk effect in marimba performance. In S. Lipscomb (Chair), Music and cross-modal interaction. Symposium conducted at the 8th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition.
  • Schutz, M. (2003, March) Cumulative Benefits of Computer Assisted Musical Analysis. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Midwest Graduate Music Consortium Evanston, IL.
  • Schutz, M. (2002, September) Computer Aided Analysis of Post-Tonal Music: Benefits of automating music analysis. Paper presented at the 2002 Association for Technology in Music Instruction, Kansas City, MO.


Conference presentations (posters)

  • Schutz, M. Huron, D., & Keeton, K (2008, July). The Happy Xylophone: Parallels between the communication of Emotion in Speech and Music [Abstract]. Poster session presented at the Conference on Music, Language, and the Mind, Boston, MA.
  • Armontrout, J. Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M. (2007, November) How Visible motion paths influence perceived duration of percussive sounds [Abstract]. Poster session presented at the Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action Meeting. Long Beach, CA.
  • Schutz, M., Stefanucci, J., Carberry, A. & Roth, A. (2007, November). Name that (Percussive) Tune : Tone envelope affects learning [Abstract]. Poster session presented at the Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action Meeting. Long Beach, CA.
  • Schutz, M., & Kubovy, M. (2007, May). Musical use of Visual Gesture : The importance of contextual information in sensory integration [Abstract]. Journal of Vision.
  • Schutz, M. & Kubovy, M (2006). Visual Gestures: Perceptual costs and benefits in the performance of live music [Abstract]. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition (ICMPC9), Bologna, Italy, 1551.
  • Schutz, M. (2006). Music perception understanding is a prerequisite to implementing computer aided musical analyses [Abstract]. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition (ICMPC9), Bologna, Italy, 350.


Invited talks (non-conference)

  • 2010 University of Buffalo. Buffalo, NY.
  • 2010 University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ.
  • 2010 Lake Braddock Secondary School. Burke, VA.
  • 2009 Clarkson University. Potsdam, NY.
  • 2009 Roanoke College. Salem, Virginia.
  • 2009 Maryland Day of Percussion.  Baltimore, MD
  • 2009 Virginia/DC Day of Percussion.  Winchester, VA.
  • 2009 Lynchburg College.  Lynchburg, VA
  • 2009 Radford University.  Radford, VA.
  • 2008 Goucher College, co-sponsored by Psychology and Music departments, Baltimore, MD. 2008
  • 2008 Virginia/DC Day of Percussion. Oakton, VA.
  • 2007 Penn State University Department of Music. State College, PA.


Guest lectures (university courses)

  • 2008 Parallels in Language and Music. Guest lecture for Cognitive Science. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA.
  • Introduction to Pitch and Timbre. Guest lecturer for Introduction to Perception. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA.
  • 2006 The Role of Visual Information in Music. Guest lecturer for Science of Vision and Audition. Harrisonburg, VA.
  • 2004 Common chord modulations. Guest lecture for Music Theory IV. Northeastern Illinois University.
  • 2002 Allocation of Virtual Memory. Guest lecture for Operating Systems Design. Pennsylvania State University. State College, PA.


Select Premiers/Commissions

  • Time to Burn (Judith Shatin), co-commissioned with I-Jen Fang and premiered at PASIC 2006
  • Magnificat (Gordon Ring), premier conducted by the composer (2006)
  • Made In America (Joan Tower), co-premiered by the Charlottesville Symphony (2006)
  • Ground Loops - For Percussion and Internet (Peter Traub), premiered at Digitalis 2005
  • Overture for Orchestra (James Gammon), premiered by the Charlottesville Symphony (2004)
  • Experimental Pavement (Brett Dietz), premiered by NU Contemporary Music Ensemble (2003)
  • Dancing Hanumann (Mekara Chaipruk), premiered by NU Contemporary Music Ensemble (2002)
  • Lucifer, Angel of Light (Rob Reinhart), premiered by NU Contemporary Music Ensemble (2002)
  • Matrix, Peter Dawson Buck, premiered by the Penn State Mallet Ensemble (2001)


Product Endorsements

  • Sabian Cymbals (2005 - present)
  • Innovative Percussion (2009 - present)



  • Northwestern Eckstein Grant for graduate study, $26,000 (2002 - 2004)
  • Brewster Scholarship Recipient for graduate study in music, $9000 (2001)
  • Research Grants from Penn State University, $1200 (2001 – 2002)
  • Penn State University Creative Achievement Award (2002)
  • Edythe Portz Prize for outstanding publication in Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review (2002)
  • First Runner-up, Music Teachers National Association Percussion Competition (2000)
  • Winner, Phi Mu Alpha Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition (1998)
  • Bryce Jordan Music Excellence Scholarship (1997-2002) Academic Excellence Scholarship (1997-2001)


Additional Teaching Experience

  • Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Percussion Faculty (2003, 2004)
  • Preparing Future Faculty Program, Northwestern University (2002-2003)
  • Percussion Consultant, McHenry County Youth Orchestra (2002-2003)
  • Marching Percussion Instructor, Lake Braddock High School (1997-2002)



  • Chair, Percussive Arts Society Music Technology Committee (2007 – present)
    • Lead annual committee meetings at PASIC (international conference)
    • Assist with planning/selections of Music Technology sessions at PASIC
    • Plan future directions of Music Technology Committee
  • Chair, Percussive Arts Society Percussive Notes Music Technology Subcommittee (2003 – present)
    • Solicit, recruit, and edit articles for Music Technology Column of Percussive Notes
    • Report to Committee Chair at annual PASIC meetings
  • Farmville area representative, Virginia chapter of the Percussive Arts Society (2007 – present)
  • Simkins Lecture Series, proposal and organization for campus vist of David Huron (2007)
  • High School outreach concerts/visits, both as soloist and with the Longwood Percussion Ensemble



  • Phi Beta Kappa Honors Fraternity
  • Pi Kappa Lambda Music Fraternity
  • Tau Beta Pi Honors Engineering Fraternity
  • Percussive Arts Society
  • Delta Omicron Music Fraternity
  • Golden Key Honor Society
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Acoustical Society of America
  • Vision Sciences Society
  • Society for Music Perception and Cognition


High School Clinics/Runout Concerts

  • Youth Orchestra of Prince William Percussion Ensemble, David Salisbury director (2008)
  • Midlothian High School, hosted by Chris Thomas and Gordon Rawls (2007)
  • Thomas Edison High School, hosted by Dan Booth and Erik Richards (2007)
  • Monacan High School, hosted by Jennifer Ryan (2006)
  • Atlee High School, hosted by Matt McCutchen (2006)
  • Monticello High School, hosted by Susan Nothnagle (2006)
  • Lake Braddock High, hosted by Roy Holder (2005)




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